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Using SREnity Effectively

SREnity is designed to connect to each and every piece of your development and operations tooling to pull useful insights from every corner of environment. In general, the rule of thumb here is that the more connections you make by integrating systems you use with SREnity, the more valuable and meaninful the data and insights it provides will be.

Best Practices

  • Where possible, ensure that API keys used for SREnity integration only have read-only access to your systems.
  • Integrate every tool in your environment - from source code management to production monitoring. SREnity needs a complete picture of your environment to effectively audit. If the integration for your tool does not yet exist - let us know! (


We offer a variety of integrations (see our architecture documentation) that cover the various aspects of your DevOps toolchain. Every category of integration has an important place in ensuring the robustness and stability of your environment. If you do not have tooling currently set up for one of the categories - you should consider adding it to ensure you have more thorough cover and protection for potential issues.

If you have some important tooling that you think we’ve missed - let us know! (

Audit and Environment Review

SREnity is an excellent tool for automated environment audits and ensuring compliance with best practices. Whether it’s HIPPA, SOX, PCI, or simply an interest in ensure that you’re ensuring to best practices (not leaving security groups too open or leaving machines running at low usage), SREnity can quickly identify problems that might otherwise go unnoticed. Review your dashboard regularly to ensure that things are still running as expected.

If you’d like us to probe or look for something specific that we haven’t yet covered - let us know! (

Every company has an “Ops budget” - whether that’s the time of a whole team of expert SREs and DevOps engineers or a few hours a week of the most senior dev at a startup - SREnity helps you quickly size up your environment and prioritize the most impactful way to spend that budget.