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After adding a plugin, Travis Insights runs a scan process automatically. Scans also run each day at a determined time or you can run new scans manually with the RUN NEW SCAN button located at the top in the dashboard.

After pressing the RUN NEW SCAN button, a notification will appear at the top of your dashboard letting you know that your data is in the process of being updated.

Once the scan is finished, you receive an e-mail letting you know the scan is complete, you can refresh your dashboard to see your updated notifications and rating.

In the Plugins page you can see the scan status. You will find the following statuses:

  • Success: All information was received and processed by Travis Insights.
  • In progress: The scan is taking place.
  • Scan error: Travis Ingihts can not make the right connection with the plugin.
Info: A scan process can last 10 minutes maximum. When the scanning time exceeds this time, the process will end with an error status.