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Adding Plugins

Once you have an account, the next step is to start connecting all of your toolings via plugins. You can log in and go to the Plugins tab to start adding plugins.

It is necessary to provide a name when adding a plugin because you have the option to add multiple plugins from the same tool.

Travis Insights supports different technologies, it works with the following plugin types at this time:

Every tool has its own methodology for creating credentials and integrating with Travis Insights. Generally, we just need a read-only API key for most types of plugins. However, instructions for each plugin type will be populated in the right-hand navigation bar on the Plugins page as you add them.

Once a plugin is added any of the private informations (keys, tokens, etc) will be displayed, all that information keeps encrypted in Travis Insights.

In the plugins list, you have the options to deactivate or delete any plugin.